A Structural inspection by Glenwood Engineering LLC will provide an assessment of the condition of your property’s structure. We are a trusted source for structural inspections by realtors, lenders, homeowners, and insurance companies.
We will inspect residential, commercial and multifamily homes.
The Inspection includes but not limited to: drainage, structural framing, Brick and Concrete Foundation, Retaining Walls & exterior walls, i.e.

Our structural inspection report will include:

  • Engineering evaluation of the structural damages and suggested mitigations and repairs.
  • Pictures coverage of all areas needing repairs are included in the report
  • Engineering cost estimate for the needed repairs if requested by client
  • All Reports are stamped with a professional engineering seal of our licensed civil, structural engineer in the State of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

When do you need a structural inspection?

When there are cracks in the foundation, interior and exterior walls.
When there is bowing or sagging in the walls and roof.
Where there is carpenter ant, termite, or rot damage.
When an appraiser perceives a structural defect.
When a home is under construction.
When a lender needs an engineer’s opinion before writing a loan.
When there is a concern about the structural integrity of the building or home.
When there is fire, flood, water or wind damage.
If you suspect your home has any structural deficiency and would to discuss a structural inspection,
For more information on our rates and services, call or email Raya yassin at (610)-393-2703 or glenwoodengineering@gmail.com