Glenwood Engineering enjoys the challenge of developing creative structural engineering solutions and we work closely with clients to ensure that the structural design complements the building. Our extensive list of services includes:

    1. Structural Design & Analysis in wood, steel, concrete.
    2. Permit Drawings for:
      • New residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
      • Additions to Existing Building
      • Existing Building Alterations & Renovations
      • Change of Occupancy
      • Demolition (Entire or Partial Structure)
      • Underpinning floors
      • Removing or modifying internal walls
      • Retaining Walls, Pools, Spa, Whirlpools, etc.
      • Modifying doors and windows
      • Residential additions such as: constructing a deck, enclosing porches, enclosing patio, construction to a sunroom, turning storage attic into living spaces. attached garage, carport, stairways, ramps, handicap ramp.
      • turning storage basement into a living space and constructing a second story or addition to existing building.
    3. Code Analysis

Services include critical analysis of existing structures to determine if they are in compliance with current building codes.

    1. Constructability Reviews

Review of structural designs to determine constructability. We can offer suggestions to make the structure easier and more cost effective.

  1. Structural Drawing Review & Certification